Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme


Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme (MIAS)

Mountain biking is probably one of the fastest growing sports in the country at the moment, so it’s an ideal time to become a mountain bike leader. We offer Mountain Bike Leader courses levels 1, 2 & 3 in and around the North East predominantly at Hamsterley Forest. If you are an organisation and have 6 or more candidates to put forward we can look at coming to your location to deliver a course. The Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) is recognised by the A.A.L.S & A.B.C.C. It is QCF awarded which is a widely recognised and credible award, contact us for full details.

The way that the Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) differs from other recognised mountain bike instructor courses is that it has national academic accreditation through the Lifetime Awarding Organisation, a MIAS level 2 instructor can be awarded a QCF level 2, this is equivalent to a GCSE, a MIAS level 3 instructor can be awarded a QCF level 3, which is equivalent to an “A” level. The MIAS award is also operated under the European Qualifications Framework which means it is recognised in France as a leaders award for mountain biking. Obviously this is very useful for guiding in the Alps.

MIAS does recognise that you may come with a life time of experience in outdoor education and mountain biking so we recognise any approved prior learning, as well as training providing that it can be evidenced. This award is used by members of the Armed Services, the Police, Schools and Youth Groups.

MIAS has three levels of MBL awards covering different leadership needs, however at all levels candidates will undertake basic training in the following:

  • Personal & group equipment

  • Access

  • Cycle maintenance

  • Trail maintenance

  • Navigation

  • Coaching skills

  • Risk assessment & management

  • Recording systems and procedural paperwork

  • Group & trail management

  • Emergency procedures

Level 1

A 2 day course for instructors who will lead groups off road on way marked tracks below 600 meters and within close proximity of immediate aid. Typically these might be; way marked cycle tracks, canal tow paths, and forestry tracks. These would involve skills such as; climbs, descents, pedal kicks, short track stand and wheel lifts.

Candidate requirements: Previous mountain bike experience.

Level 2

A 2 day course is mostly practical with DAY 1 being a training day which covers all aspects of the syllabus to ensure the candidate has all the required knowledge and understanding of the content. DAY 2 involves the assessment where the candidate is required to demonstrate a good level of personal, group management, and problem solving skills. There will also be an exam to assess the candidates’ general biking knowledge. 

Candidate requirements: Previous mountain bike experience. Hold or working towards a first aid qualification.

At the end of the 2 days the candidate will either come out with a Level 1, level 2 or they will be deferred in order to consolidate their skills and knowledge.

Level 3

A 2 day course. This is a development course for leaders who hold a MIAS or WMBLA level 2. Candidates can apply for exemption if they can demonstrate approved prior learning such as training by another recognised provider. The terrain covered can be above 600 meters and typically involves long descents, large drop offs and rock steps or a combination of technical manoeuvres one after another.

Candidate requirements: Previous mountain bike experience. Hold or working towards a first aid qualification. MBL2. Summer Mountain Leaders Award.


MBL Level 1&2 cost £225.00 each, this includes MIAS Registration, all Tuition, Assessment and the Logbook. There will be an additional cost for the QCF award validation of £80 if this is wanted.  Standard Learning Credits can be applied for the military learners.

Please contact Dave for MIAS MBL Level 3 prices.