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Cycle Servicing & Repairs

Cycle Servicing & Repairs are in our DNA. As Cyclists we all know that keeping our rides in pristine condition not only prolongs the life of our rides but also ensure that we get "THAT" smile EVERY time we ride. 

What We Offer

Servicing & Repairs


  •  Full safety check

  • Gear adjustments (Indexing)

  • Brakes adjustments (if possible)

  • Chain & Cassette cleaned and lubricated

  • Headset bearings check

  • Bottom bracket bearing check

  • Wheel bearings check

  • Wheel trueness check

  • Tyre pressure and condition check

  • Test ride

    **No parts included in price**


  •  Full safety check

  • Full strip down (excluding suspension forks & shocks, hydraulic brakes)

  • Degrease, clean, lubricate and rebuild

  • Brakes adjustments

  • New Cables if required

  • Gear set up

  • New Cables if required

  • Chain, chain set and rear derailleur degrease, cleaning and lubricate

  • Headset bearings check

  • Bottom bracket bearing check

  • All bolts and fixings checked for correct torque

  • New bearings in Adjustable Hubs

  • Wheel trueness check

  • Tyre pressure and condition check

  • Test ride

    **No parts included in price**


  • Replace Crank Set From £19.99 (parts NOT included)

  • Replace Chain from £9.99 including chain

  • Replace Cassette (rear cogs) From £24.99 including cassette

  • Replace Chain & Cassette £17.99 (parts NOT included)

  • Replace Bottom Bracket From £35.00 including bottom bracket

  • Replace Pedals £9.99 (parts NOT included)

  • Repair Damaged Crank Arm Threads £10.00 (wherever possible)

  • Helicoil Supplied & Fitted to Crank Arms £25.00

  • Re-tap Bottom Bracket shell / repair damaged threads £20.00 (wherever possible)

  • Deep Clean of Drivetrain - Rather than simply cleaning the drivetrain in situ, a mechanic will don a fresh pair of latex gloves and remove the gear mechs, chainset, cassette and chain. All these parts will be individually blasted with degreaser in a parts’ washer tank, scrubbed, surgically cleaned and dried before being refitted to the bike. The charge for this service is from just  £24.99 (available soon)   


  • Cable Brake Service, Inspect Adjust, Pads / Blocks Replaced springs Lubricated; From £24.99 (pads / blocks included)

  • Replace Inner & Outer Cables £19.99 pair (parts included)

  • Hydraulic Brake Service & Adjustment Mineral Oil or Dot Fluid included £19.99 per Brake (Pads NOT Included)

  • New Levers Fitted from £15.00 pr (parts NOT included).

  • Brake Rotors Fitted From £6.99 each (parts NOT included). *removal of snapped/seized rotor bolts not included in price* please contact us

Bosch E-bike Service (coming soon)

Just like a regular bike, electric bikes require basic maintenance. Caring for an e-bike is similar to a regular bike, with a few small exceptions. It’s very important to look after any bike to ensure that you get the most out of your bike.

Most motors are sealed and don’t require servicing so there’s practically no maintenance needed. You don’t have a bottom bracket bearing like a normal bike, so one less thing to service. The motor will be serviced by your local electric bike store when you take it in for the ebikes regular checkup.

Track N Trail Cycles has a comprehensive list of other services.

Please get in touch for a chat about what you need.