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Hi I'm Dave,

I run Track N Trail Cycles to help fellow cyclists no matter what discipline.

 I have been riding since as far back as I can remember. My first bike was given to me by my Uncle and it had solid pneumatic rubber tyres, yes….no inner tubes, it was a bike that he had made from different bits and parts, gave it a fresh coat of paint and……. I had the best bike in the park. This was the bike I learnt to ride two wheels on, I must have been all of about 7 or 8 years old.

As I got bigger and older the need for a “proper” bike got a hold, so off to the scrappy I went for a frame, then I built a bike up from bits I gathered, usually from the old bits my mates had discarded after upgrading theirs and from saving my paper round money to buy shiny new bits from the local bike shop, which at the time was Fred Bakers, a very nice guy who went out of his way to help me out.

The first “branded” bike I got was a Mk1 Raleigh Grifter. Affectionately called the heaviest BMX EVER!!!! I cannot remember to this day where I got this bike from, I can only assume it was from a generous mate as they got their nice new Raleigh Burner. However, I didn’t care, it was my pride and joy. I put my mark on it, hand painted it black, put some chrome, straight front forks and some piranha 5 spoke wheels, they were awesome as when I came off the bike and buckled the wheels, I just put them in the freezer overnight and hay presto they came out straight again, Brilliant.

 I then progressed onto my first road bike, this was a hand me down from my brother, but I didn’t care as it had a whole 5 gears, an old Raleigh Arena (I can see a pattern forming with the bike brand) that he had painted bright Orange and put cow horn bars on, so cool.

I have played around on many a different bike, from a Moulton Mini, a British designed and build commuter bike with the tiniest wheels. To a Raleigh Shopper, I asked for a Raleigh Chopper but I don’t think I was heard properly!!!!!!!

In my adult years, I had a Mongoose IBOC (international Bike of Champions) road bike for about 20 years. I loved this bike, I got it in 1995 from a mate and it carried me many a mile, from my daily commute from Devizes to Warminster, to Lands End to John O’Groats in 2010. I have more recently got a Giant Trance SX, a Bianchi SL lite road bike and a Cube Stereo 140 Pro E-bike.

“My aim is to make you the best you can be ! I take great pride in my work and will look after your bike as if it were my own, I love your bike almost as much as you do! “
— Dave Portass, Owner/Director- Track N Trail Cycles Ltd

My next adventure is Track N Trail Cycles and have big plans. There is a vision of an Track N Trail Cycle Hub encompassing Servicing & Repairs, Sales, MIAS Accredited MTB Leader courses, Park Tool School Maintenance courses and Level 2 & 3 Accredited Mechanics courses, a cycling hub all in one place with a cafe and meeting centre catering for all disciplines of cycling, somewhere to "Be At One With Your Bike!"

Track N Trail Cycles Is My Next Cycling Adventure

I hope you can all join me on the ride!